Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Who's Your 'Daddy'"?

You will never change the heart of one person by condemning them for that which you disapprove of or disagree with--even when it is blatantly wrong. And yet, the "activist", crusader-like mentality is so prevalent in our culture, often operating under the "guise" of change and justice, even at the risk of destroying people--people, who although on the opposing side of an issue and perhaps guilty of injustice--whom Jesus loves passionately! The hearts of those considered on the "wrong" side of an issue are hardly acknowledged. It's the issue and our desire to be on the side of right that usually matters most. So, you have to ask...is it really genuine change, justice, and reformation in the hearts and lives of broken people that you seek, or simply compliance to what you (or the popular opinion of the day) consider right? If it is the latter, then there HAS TO BE--in our sense of "rightness"--a bad guy or villain. What we fail to understand is that there is but one enemy. And although many of his plans are carried out by unsuspecting pawns, there remains but one enemy. The people, the people still matter to God. He paid the price for every wrong they would ever do. Condemnation of wrong happened once & for all at the Cross. From then until now, the mission remains a "salvation" one, including toward those that may continue to perpetuate the sin which was condemned in the body of Jesus himself through His finished work at the cross.
Jesus DID pay the full price for our righteousness and redemption, and He DID suffer the full condemnation of sin in His own body at the Cross, but as far as humanity is concerned, He didn't come on a mission of condemnation but of salvation. Perhaps those that claim to speak on His behalf should realign with His heart!

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