Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"What Do You 'Call' Me"?

For years, I resisted the "call" to ministry. I always defined myself, not by who I was in Christ, but by my talents and people's acceptance and validation of those. My heart has always been passionate for intimacy with God, living in Christ and sharing His life with others, and the Kingdom of God. But from the environments that I was a part of, and mindsets I'd been exposed to, "ministry" was so limited, and seemed to be so contrived and subject to the control and abilities of man. I didn't fit into any of the "expressions" of ministry that I saw. I never quite understood why the desires and gifts that God had placed in my heart never seemed to find an effective place in what "ministry" looked like in the religious world around me. I always felt weird, out of place, and too unconventional to function the way so many other "ministers" seemed to function in those environments. For the past 16 years, God has unfolded in me an understanding of the depth of what it means to be "called". The simple yet powerful message of Identity in Christ has consumed me, and I've experienced a love for the gospel that I hadn't known in 35 years of being "raised" in church. I'm so grateful and thankful for the faithfulness and patience of God, and for a dad and mom who, beyond everything they were a part of and the influences they experienced through the years on their journey of Grace, always emphasized intimacy with God, a prayer life, and the reality of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Today, I am humbled and honored to say I am a minister of the Gospel. It's not a career, it's a life calling, and a creative one at that. I don't know where or how God may invite me to engage others with the good news and the amazing abundant Life reality of Jesus for the sake of His Kingdom, but I'm excited beyond words to watch it unfold.

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