Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"From The Depths"

In the throes of raw, emotion-fueled, uncensored frustration, from depths I've never known.

Intense fear, toxic anger, condemning, accusing thoughts that shame me to the bone.

Accusations born from circumstances that I just can't understand.

I have aimed them all at you, my Father, yet you won't release my hand.

I feel so useless, so abandoned, so exhausted without a clue.

How can there still be more of me left to heal, to purge, to undo.

There is nothing left to say, no more ideas, I'm all out of "tries".

It's simply for YOU that I cry, it's only the light of Your love that will expose all these lies.

You knew me, chose me, and destined me before I'd lived a single hour.

Please come now and take this fear, this guilt, this anger from my heart, and replace it with Your power.

You've given me identity through the blood of Your Son. And by Your grace, through faith alone, I have overcome.

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