Wednesday, June 28, 2017

“Waiting On A Flight Plan”

Do you ever feel like a jet sitting on a busy runway, surrounded by other jets of different sizes, with varying numbers of passengers, ready to make their long awaited ascent into the wide open spaces of the skies? Engines revving, cabin secured, exterior glistening in the warm, vibrant sun. Fueled up, fired up, and ready to fly, you begin to taxi to your point of departure into the freedom of flight. Then you are told to "slow your roll", and prepare to stop, to wait. You watch anxiously as smaller, less appealing, less powerful planes began to take off, heading to their respective destinations. You question the tower as to why you've not been given clearance to take off. You've prepared, you've got your payload, and you know your destination, so why wait? You are astounded that big jets with only a few passengers are being given the ok to soar, though they are flying a short distance at a much lower altitude than you are capable of cruising. Just as you appear to be next in line, you are told your runway has been changed, and you are given orders to taxi a little longer to another line of jets, less pristine, fewer passengers, with a less appealing sounding destination, and you are told to wait behind them like some ragged out, forgotten crop-duster with tarnished propellers. You feel your emotions racing, as you begin to look around and compare yourself with the other planes. You are faster, you are newer, you have the latest technology, and your destination is one that you have been prepared for for a long time. Everything about your design, your engineering, and your strength are made for this destination. You have the capability to pretty much auto pilot yourself to your destination, or at least YOU are convinced of that. You impatiently ask yourself, "Why am I waiting with all these worn out puddle jumper planes and obsolete buckets of bolts with wings?" After all, yours is no ordinary trip, and you've known it for a long time. You were chosen specifically for this flight. You have a purpose that is unique, and one that requires specific skills and talents, special instructions, and an aircraft that can make the trip as smoothly and safely as possible. The voice from the tower interrupts your frustrated silence and tells you your original flight plan has been changed. The destination is the same, but the path needs to be adjusted. Something about changes in wind direction, air currents, and a big jet needing to make an emergency landing being diverted to your airport. You sigh and moan, as you realize you've never flown THAT way before. How could THAT flight plan get you to your destination? You can't depend on the familiar, and you can't rely on the speed, technology, and skill to go THAT route. You'll have to depend even more on the tower and the flight plan. Your skills will be used, and your technology will be employed and effective at some point, but you can't depend on them. The tower will have to guide you to your destination. You'll need to learn that voice, and be intimately acquainted with it. On this new flight plan, the one you didn't orchestrate or manipulate, you'll depend on the eyes that see what you can't. Your surroundings might deceive you, so don't put stock in them. If you do, you risk flying off course, or even worse. Sometimes you might wonder if your preparation has been in vain. You thought you were created for this plan, this path, and this purpose, but now it seems to be changing into something that you have no control over. All you know for sure is there is a destination, and there is the tower. As you await guidance, you are tempted to move forward with the plan you're familiar with--the one you practiced--and trust your skills to fly around any danger or distressed aircraft. After all, you'll be able to see them easily enough. You have been trained to make course corrections and alterations to the path yourself. You have that technology. You don't have to wait for the tower. Besides, surely the tower has a plethora of other planes to manage. The familiar will take less time. You can stay away from weather and other planes with your abilities and know how. It just makes sense. You have a better sense of your way to your destination, right? Then you pause as you consider the destination and the purpose of arriving at that destination. You start to admit to yourself that even though you know where to go, it is crucial that you get there the right way. And it's in the "WAY" that you learn the voice of the tower, and your absolute trust and dependence on the tower deepens. You realize that you can fly anywhere, though completely unfamiliar, and it doesn't depend on your technology, your talent, or your tarnished propellers. It depends on the Tower, the strong Tower. He always knows, He always guides, and connected to Him, you will always arrive at the amazing destination! And just then you hear those long-awaited words, "You are now cleared for takeoff"! Enjoy the flight; the Tower's got you, your arrival is certain! Journey on, blue skies ahead!

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