Thursday, June 29, 2017

"The Quiet Call"

It's never so easy to accept the realization that you've been wrong about a lot of things for a long time! But it's ever so easy to conform to the point of not being able to understand the difference between what's real and what's popular. The stage of public opinion is one on which every performance is judged by an audience, most of whom have never had a meaningful encounter with your heart. To live an existence where substance is "king" takes a boldness and a willingness to spend alot of time in solitude. Rest assured though, the lonely times are more than worth it, when you experience the freedom of living in the truth that Love Himself reveals. Facing and owning up to the error you've lived in and even at times perpetuated, leads you to a place of genuine revelation and awakening. It's astounding, the feeling of peace and contentment, that adorns the life of one who has opened up their heart--even at the risk of pain or rejection--and allowed Love to work, uncontrolled, to heal every part, every damaged part, and unlock the expressions and the unique voice of an inimitable being. The handprint of Love Himself is stamped unmistakably deep beneath the surface of where much of life is lived, and the created yearns continually for it's Creator! But the frequency of Love is difficult to hear amidst the clamor and chaos of a culture of conformity! It speaks in an "original tongue" to the very core of the created. And it calls, sometimes silently, but always passionately and with unwavering devotion. And the created makes the choice, either to be drawn away to an out-of-the-way space seldom frequented by the masses, where Love Himself continues the process of making whole, giving life, and bringing peace, OR, to continue to flow with the status quo, going wherever the fickle winds of the audience blow. The former, offers a voice; the latter, nothing but noise. Will you hear? Will you journey.....with Love Himself?

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