Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"The Creative Call"

I’m coming to discover that, after the myriad of vision statements, goals, declarations of “spiritual gifts”, 5-year plans, and other mind numbing proclamations of personal purpose that I’ve written through the years, it seems that my “gig” in life as a “Caveman” is to simply help people engage in a freedom journey from the tyranny and slavery of fear into the reality, original identity, and freedom of Love! That mission requires much preparation for a plethora of opportunity! I am learning to NOT try and pre-qualify people and settings before helping them to engage in the journey! God has a way of beautifully directing our paths into the mainstream as well as the out of the way, and even “familiar” places to find those that are ready to “journey”! The question is, will you receive the creative opportunities that God brings your way, or will you rigidly hold to your preferences of who, where, and when you will “select” those who you feel “inclined” to engage! It’s becoming obvious that the most incredible opportunities in life are NOT the ones I aggressively initiate or orchestrate, but rather the ones that God naturally and creatively leads or even “nudges” me into! My focus remains on my connection to Him, living in His love & life, and relaxing into the amazing journey He has me on! I don’t have to contrive, concoct, or manipulate my visions of grandeur and epic missions into being! He prepares the purpose, and invites me to “walk” with Him into what He has already prepared! God’s call has always been “creative”. So whatever you love to do, whatever you’re good at… Do it! And NOT to receive validation from others! Just do it because you love it, and watch God take those “gifts & passions” and “make room” for them in ways that are way beyond our ability to contrive or concoct, and in places bigger than we can imagine! Live, love, create! Keep your focus on staying intimately connected to Love Himself, the author of creativity! It seems that when you live to please many, you please No One, especially not yourself, but when you live simply FOR Love Himself, and TO love—an audience of One— you end up positively affecting MANY, and living a life most fulfilling! I choose to focus NOT on achievement, but rather alignment! THAT’S when the creative force that WE were created to be, really comes alive! Enjoy the journey! Peace!

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