Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Snow Love, Snow Life"

I love walking, meditating, and working out at one of my favorite spots--a place called Crockett Park. It's become sort of a sanctuary for me over the past 9 years. One wintry day, while walking and getting my heart rate up to the "cardio zone", I was noticing the beauty and serenity of where I was. This particular day, it was especially serene and soothing as the ground was covered in a blanket of white. Those who know me know how much I love snow, so you can imagine my thoughts and emotions as I felt a sense of "nature nirvana"! As I was gettin up to my "cruisin' cardio altitude", I was made aware of something rather revelatory to me. Join me in the park for a few minutes and see if any of this resonates with you. If it doesn't....well, then take a hike to another park. While gazing out over this visually stunning scene, I began carving out an analogy of my relationship with Jesus, and this is what I "whittled"--The Snow was like the love of Jesus, pure and white. The Grass, well it was like me--you know low to the ground. His love is beautiful. It covers, protects us in wind, cold, and “rough” seasons. The grass that was visible or unhidden safe beneath "love’s" covering during this rough season seemed to have fallen victim to the elements. The exposed blades were wilted, brown, and lifeless. It made me wonder if those uncovered blades of grass might have grown frustrated by the fact that they were being covered and not seen by all. Perhaps the impatience of those "self-seeking", rogue blades of grass prompted them to try and make their own way, to determine their own time. And so I pondered on... Maybe It’s a seasonal thing—a growth cycle. WOW! Interesting! (Well it was to me) During certain seasons, the grass is hidden—its color, its beauty, its fragrance—by the beauty of love. That purity and brightness of love is what can be seen—its beauty, its peaceful demeanor—all the while the grass is isolated and hidden out of sight from the eyes of others. Now, I'm not a scientist, but my "dimestore" logic kicked in as I wondered if perhaps the water from the snow actually nourished the roots of the grass, sustained it, and gave it life during the “hidden” season. The challenge is to remain hidden, still, and humbled under the loving, protective, nurturing cover of the snow until it is safe to re-emerge in the right season and bring forth its beauty, color, and fragrance. Then, in the right season, the grass becomes life giving. During the hidden season the life of the grass grows, is fed, is protected, and is strengthened—life is given from love’s covering….then, in “due season”, life gives in proportion to how much it has been willing to receive from the snow—from love. We can only love to the degree that we understand how much we are loved. Thus, the grass can only give as much life as it has received.

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