Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Reputation or Legacy?"

A reputation is what many people spend a lifetime trying to develop for themselves. When they're gone, so is their reputation. Except for the ever-fading memories of stories and experiences, not much else is left. Reputations don't usually do much in the way of positively impacting the future, the next generation, or shaping the culture. They are simply points of reference. Legacy is quite different. While reputations may grow from fickle perspective, Legacy grows from true identity. Legacy goes on, long after we're gone. To leave a legacy is to make an investment (in people and in purposes) that continues to yield returns for years to come. How much do we invest daily in people and purposes that are bigger than our schedules, convenience, or agendas? When God equips with talent and tools, it's usually for a much grander, far-reaching purpose than we realize. I have "settled" for selfish purpose so often in my life! I'm 47 years old now (I know I look 27), and I wish I would have "gotten" this truth years ago. I STILL have to be reminded of this, sometimes daily! Everyone of us have lives, schedules, dreams and goals. But let me remind us of these....Matthew 6:33 AND Psalms 37:3-5. These scriptures slapped me upside the head a while back! I've heard them for YEARS! I can quote them in my sleep. Basically, let me offer the MIV (My Idiot Version) interpretation of these scriptures....."Seek God's purpose first, know Him and His character. Live according to this. Make building HIS kingdom YOUR priority. Invest your time, talents, and passion in HIS purpose and the people he puts in your life, THEN, HE will give you not only what you need, BUT ALSO, the God-given desires and dreams of your heart. Build HIS house, & HE'LL take care of building yours."

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