Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Question Me An Answer"

I would rather spend time on this journey with people who have fewer answers, and more questions than I would with people who have fewer questions but more answers! In my experiences, the people who are the most "stringent" in their answers usually seem to be the ones who are farther away from truth. And much of what THEY consider "truth" is more "informational" or theoretical, and was oftentimes passed on to them without much investigation or relational experience with "said truth". They seem much more insecure and combative when questioned about these "truths", and they are quick to dismiss and even "vilify" those that would dare have the "balls" to have a differing perspective, or a desire to engage in healthy dialogue. Now, I'm not talking about those who allow their ever changing, ever fickle emotions and selfish tendencies to keep them in a constant state of questioning EVERYTHING, in hopes of parlaying and leveraging "newfound answers" into purely self indulgent behavior. But those whose hearts are on a quest for the truth which calls to them from the heart of Love Himself, THOSE are the people I enjoy journeying with. There has been so much "hubbub" and contention surrounding the Rob Bell book, "Love Wins"--which I just started reading a few days ago. Rob has been labeled, judged, criticized, and marginalized by every "doctrinal nazi" from "Dan to Beersheba". The ironic thing to me (again, I just started the book, so I have no educated synopsis of its content) is that the underlying subject matter, LOVE, is that which is greater than all the "doctrines" of men or distortions of truth perpetuated down through the "ages". Love--"the greatest of these"! What so many people fail to recognize, including the fundamentalists, the calvinists, the evangelical purists, is that the pursuit of the very nature of God, which is Love, has a way of bringing truth and correcting error in such an unforced, natural way. Love works from the inside out, NOT vice versa! And yet it seems to be human nature to try to employ "symptomatic corrections" externally to coerce the heart to discover and relate to truth. This will not be achieved through these "strong handed", performance laden, manipulative means. As a relationship develops with Love Himself, He leads us, guides us, and opens up to us a truly amazing journey! As I've said before, Love is NOT intimidated or threatened by our questions. They are safe, and WE are safe on this journey! So, let your questions fly! Wrestle with the "what if's" and the "why's"! Journeying with Love Himself is the safest place in the universe to live and to question! Love WILL WIN, and lead you--through a process--to Truth! I love how my children have so many questions. All kinds! And I'm not threatened by them. It draws me to their heart, and gives me opportunity for our relationship to grow and deepen. Through that relationship, it's incredible to watch truth unfold. And the truths that they see evidenced in my life and my relationship with them seem to do so much more for them than just giving them "sterile" informational "hand me downs" that I have not even investigated or experienced. It is frustrating and pathetic to watch people use fear and manipulation to try and force others or perform themselves into "truth" or into a place of agreement and conformity. I guess, for some, that must be easier than actually working out a relationship, and being real with those questions buried in their own hearts! They will justify this in the name of the very God whose nature their methods completely contradict! Fear has become the culprit, and the motivation of so much of what we do and why we do it. I speak that from personal experience and as a recovering fear-aholic! Until fear begins to be displaced in our lives though our growing trust and faith in Love Himself, we will rarely experience the freedom of questioning, the euphoric rush of Love's discovery, and the revolutionary awakenings to truth through a growing relationship! Personally, I love this journey I've been on for nearly 25 years. It's been painful at times! I've experienced the wrecking ball as it crashed through all my answers that I thought I was sure of! But with the rubble of hollow philosophy and religious rot laying at my feet, it was then that I was invited on this journey--questions and frustrations included--with THE ANSWER, Love Himself! And so I journey on.

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