Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Obsessively Independent Or Simply Dependent?"

What is an obsession? What is the root of addiction? At what age do we begin to develop these? What are the factors that lead us from enjoying “past time” to a thought-consuming, emotion-capturing force that keeps us awake, full of anxiety, and unable to focus for a length of time without being pulled back in to the unrelenting call.
Does help or deliverance ever come at once, or always in a process? Are behavior modifications any help at all, OR do they simply keep us in a pattern of performance? How do we isolate the root cause and effectively treat that?
Is it easier to be helped from the clutches of these when in a mindset of success or one of failure? Do we HAVE to hit bottom before we recognize our need for help, or is it possible to realize the need while we’re clear-minded and in a joyful state of being. It seems emotion is not an effective revealer to our need in the long run.
Does simplicity help to provide an atmosphere where obsessions and addictions find it difficult to thrive? Are activity, opportunity, and “exposure” double-edged” swords? On the one hand, they open our lives up to a plethora of fresh ideas, open doors, and even relationships. On the other hand, they all require a degree of focus, passion, and emotional involvement to see them succeed. How do we properly prioritize our lives without “cheating” ourselves from growth, culture, and creative ideas?
The key seems to be in THE foundational relationship of our very existence. This relationship directs us to health, wholeness, and true experience that goes deeper than merely an emotional level.
Do we use obsessions and addictions in a never-ending quest to feel a certain way or maybe to feel some measure of superior control over undesired circumstances or even relationships?
Dependency, not co-dependency, is the need of our lives! We can never find what we need for life, love, fulfillment, or peace within ourselves. For that reason, we, the “co” part of dependency, is rendered irrelevant. Conversely, to depend is to find one’s complete and total self incapable of providing any substantive life within, thus requiring us to find our total and complete identity in something or someone else. The ONLY way this is successful is to “take on” another life, and draw our identity from that. The ONLY relationship that this works with is a personal relationship with Jesus!
When we continue with the illusion that we, within our own self, can provide a part of something meaningful or lifegiving, we will forever be seeking for the “missing” pieces that will make our “picture” clear. This will never happen. Our life cannot be under the authority of multiple masters. Neither can we derive our true identity from shifting sands and fading lights that change without warning, keeping us forever enslaved chasing, trying to find the meaning, purpose, and significance to our life.

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