Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Mind Your Mind"

Ever notice how when you’re sitting alone, and you are semi-relaxed, your mind can offer pretty stimulating conversation and thought. There are no worries, because in this environment, you can actually talk to yourself, answer yourself, & no one thinks you’re an absolute “loon”. The danger of this is whatever you allow inside your mind & heart during the “busy” times always comes back to converse with you when no one is around. Thus the importance of being transformed by the “renewal of your mind.” Also, I think Philippians 4:8-9 is applicable here. Imagination is an incredible gift from God! Especially when it is nurtured in the cradle of healthy thought. The misappropriation of the imagination comes when an unhealthy, un-renewed mind is the controller of the thought processes. The old adage is absolutely true…”an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Actually, I think that could be taken another way as well…(pardon my play on words, if you will) An IDOL mind is the devil’s workshop. Let me explain. When idols are conceived (usually from self-centered passion, and selfish motivations), your mind “narrows”. Does the term “narrow-minded” ring a bell? There is only room for thoughts birthed out of whatever or whoever motivates your mind. Impure motivation breeds impure thoughts, and eventually an impure act. The opposite is also true. God created us to be free moral agents. What an incredible responsibility we have!!! We have the choice as to the source of our thoughts. To be a determiner of culture, the first step is a complete change of mind—true repentance. The mind can only change as a result of changing the source from which thought is motivated. Anything less is simply surface behavioral modification, which will eventually revert back to its old pattern. When a person is under hypnosis, there is usually “something” that can “snap” the person back into their pre-hypnotic state. In TV or the movies, that is usually a phrase spoken, or a specific sound. So there is really no genuine change, simply a temporary manipulative modification. Sadly, that’s the way many Christians live their life –from hypnosis to hypnosis. Allowing personal prejudices, circumstances, sense-driven emotion, or even other opinions to motivate your thought processes & world view will cause your state of mind to continually change. Why? It’s because these factors are likely to change from time to time. This creates a person who is prone to being “double-minded”. What is the incubator for your school of thought? Is it something solid, steady, consistent, or is it something more closely akin to “shifting sand” or fading shadows? The second aspect of this “order of life” is your speech. “From the intents of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Some people are good about “disciplining” their speech from a negative “bent”, at least for a time. However, if the mind is programmed one way, yet your speech has been “disciplined” to say something opposite, it’s only a matter of time, setting, or circumstance until your mouth will emerge from its façade & masquerade of supposed positive “pontifications” and reveal the true nature of its motivation unleashed from its cell of suppressed honesty & reality. James is so candid in his “expose” on the tongue. Ultimately, your tongue is tied to your mind. It may take some time to discover this about some people. I guess some people have a little more “slack” in the line that connects the two--the mind and the tongue.

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