Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Melancholy Moments"

“Turning the page” 

I've been trapped in a chapter, and my heart is in chains.

And this page I keep reading again and again

Though I've tried to read further in the story I'm on

The words keep repeating in a déjà vu song.

Reality speaks in resounding clear voice,

And I now know it's time to embrace a hard choice.

It's time to be empty of all that I've known.

Gotta burn certain bridges and leave them alone.

Some won't understand. Some won't agree.

I don't answer to them, it's my heart they don't see.

Wasting much time, caring how I'm perceived.

Not free to love when opinions matter to me.

So I'm starting again, finally turning the page.

The wisdom and freedom grow sweeter with age.

So I'll follow my true north, And though I journey with few

The beat of my drummer keeps my heart beating true

And when my reason for breathing is revealed in the dawn

I'll finally read clearly this page I've been on.

“Forever It Seems” 

You delight, you desire, you dream, you wait, forever it seems,

You question, you cry, you shake your head, you're still, all is silent, you wait, forever it seems.

You try to give up, but you just can't let go, you try to walk away, but you just can't forget, you keep hoping, waiting, forever it seems.

You watch others live your dream, You watch through tear filled-eyes, You've searched for just one answer, hoping to discover it, waiting, forever it seems.

So in despair and exhausted hopelessness, you offer up what delights you most, what brings your heart to flame, and you trust it to the One who gave it, who's been waiting, forever it seems.

And there at your loneliest, most empty, frustrated place of forgotten barrenness, the dream comes alive and captures you at your weakest--independent of your strength--and carries you to the place that's been waiting for you, waiting, forever it seems.

"I Hope" 

I hope......when I get to where I'm going, I'll remember those who are where I am now. 

I hope......when opportunity knocks, I won't be stepping on someone else in order to reach and open the door.

I hope......when someone calls me a friend, they won't have to retract that statement. Trust me, that's a painful thing to face. 

I memory of the mundane or miserable doesn't escape me when my circumstance improves. I want to remember it all, because it all had a part in making me who I have become AND who I am becoming. 

I hope....for the rest of my days, I allow love's lessons to gently remind me of the journey I'm on, and I reflect not with regret, but with fondness and sincere appreciation for the reality that Love Himself has invited me to journey with Him--even in seemingly hopeless, forgotten, frustrating times--on an incredible adventure of relationship, living, and learning to trust in the hope of Love Himself. For THIS is really where ALL HOPE resides.

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