Thursday, June 29, 2017


The old Proverb states that “laughter does good like a medicine”. If that’s the case, then I should live to be 150 years old. I love to laugh! My family gatherings tend to be a comedic festival of colorful characters and people who are ever-ready, poised with a punch line!
To laugh is to enjoy, if only for a moment, a departure from the darkness and negative vibe that life can try to impose on you continually!
I had the privilege a few years back, of performing a wedding ceremony for some friends. I talked to them about the materials used in building a home of love. The three ingredients I mentioned to them were “The 3 L’s”—Listening, Learning, and Laughing!
I know from personal experience, the value of laughter in a relationship! There truly is, as Robin Williams, in the movie “Patch Adams” so vividly portrayed, a healing virtue in laughter.
My family & I were on the way home from out of town some time ago. Ryan was sitting in the front seat with me, and Zoe was in the back with Tina. I was battling a sinus headache, I was tired, and thinking how being unemployed, at present, really sucks!
I was halfway listening to Ryan and Zoe “waffle” back and forth between fussing and playing, when suddenly, I was “smacked” out of my self-invited pity party back into reality. It’s funny how God can so gracefully get your attention in ways that we so often take for granted! He arrested my thoughts and hearing. I began to listen to the beautiful symphony that was Ryan and Zoe’s laughter! It was amazing! It was the kind of laugh that makes you lose your breath, and tears roll down your cheeks! The kind that, when enjoyed, can make every depressing, frustrating feeling become a forgotten memory!
As I sat driving and listening, I felt a soothing, healing, comforting sensation! It was the “medicine” reaching to me, warming my heart, and reminding me of how blessed I am to be a father who, even though without much work presently, has the privilege and honor of enjoying the company & the laughter of 2 amazing kids! How many dads are so into their careers, their achievements, their “providing” that they never take the time to breathe in a priceless moment like the one I was enjoying, and have been able to enjoy A LOT recently! Time can be so unforgiving. One moment, you’re holding your kids in your lap—listening to laughter. You blink, and you’re watching them walk down the aisle into adulthood, where laughter can become a bit more rare, and busyness is the order of the day!
Whatever YOU’RE doing right now, take a moment find a source of laughter, someone close to share it with, and breathe deep! Let the healing power of laughter “cleanse” you and help re-focus you on what really matters!

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