Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Grace and Love, Untwisted"

Jesus dealt with sin, sinners, self-righteousness, and the legalistic much differently than many Christians do today. He exposed the darkness, inconsistencies, and loveless condemnation in the self-righteous, and refused to be drawn into their games, legalistic charades, and hypocritical reasoning. Jesus also didn't argue with sinners, nor did he condemn them, He loved them perfectly; however, He did not condone sin in the sinner, and He did condemn sin at the cross, once and for all. It seems to me that those looking for reasons to justify sin or self-righteousness--even using buzzwords like “tolerance”, “diversity”, "convictions", or "spirituality"-- miss the real meaning of Grace and Love. Grace and Love won't leave us to languish and suffer in the consequences of sin, but instead, invites us to look to Jesus, who became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God through Him, and not through our own good works. He loved us perfectly, and continues to passionately pursue us in our imperfection! True Grace & Love offer His power to us, and freedom for us to live the abundant life by His Spirit, that He gave us through Christ. There is a difference to me between "tolerance" and genuine Love. To accept, support, and even endorse someone in making choices that can ultimately be destructive to them simply so they will feel "tolerated" or “permissively validated”, doesn't show a genuine love for them. Love would encourage them to live in the reality of their identity in Christ, and to experience the best that God has for them, and established for them through the finished work of the Cross of Christ. At the foot of the Cross, both sin & self-righteousness are rendered powerless, and in the eyes of Jesus, both the “sinner” and the “saint” can only find life, love, righteousness, and hope through Him alone.

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