Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Effectively Affected"

We are affected more by what we see and hear than we are by what we know. The reason--we invest much of our time and efforts into externals which affect us, and very little investment is made into the knowledge and truth that Love Himself brings into a life actively engaged in relationship and community. We are often prone to evaluate our lives through the lenses of emotion and circumstance. When we do so, it's like a trick mirror in a carnival house. Our perspective will always be distorted, and our views of ourselves, the world, AND others will also remain a distorted, ever changing freak show like illusion. "Perception is nine-tenths reality" is such a flawed statement, but it remains "the truth" for so many people. Circumstance, emotion, and perception can change with the wind. What a faulty foundation to build our lives on! Looking through the lens of Love Himself brings a clear perspective, and makes reality....well, a reality! The truth of Love Himself, and how that Love relates to us, transcends circumstance and emotion. It doesn't put us in a utopian, nirvana-like fantasy where we live like clones in denial of anything "bad" ever happening, but it clears the way for us to see our life for what it really is when it's lived loved! It's a gift--"good" days, "bad" days, emotional fluctuation, chaos and calm! It's all a part of the incredible tapestry that is life! May we all begin to see through the lens of Love Himself and allow that Love to effectively affect our lives and the lives around us! Journey on!

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