Thursday, June 29, 2017

"Decisionology 101"

Emotions are terrible decision makers. So are the opinions of others. Yet these two factors appear to be the most pronounced motivations for WHY we make the decisions we make.
In a society controlled by media, social networking, and opinion polls, it is crucial that we listen closely to our heart--that is, IF we guard our heart from ever-changing "externals".
Only in stillness, focus, and oftentimes solitude, away from the clamoring of external influences and fickle perspective, will we discover a clarity and wisdom to guide us in making decisions.
And in THOSE spaces, Love Himself resides, inviting us to hear Him, know Him, follow Him, and express Him through our lives, and the choices that reflect those lives.
We ride this ride of life but once, and every decision is an opportunity to experience the very heart of Love Himself, and to be a "counter-cultural" expression of that heart in this desperately seeking culture that we're a part of.

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