Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Dear Hippie Christians"

I’ve experienced several Millennials and hippy Christians of my generation that seem to miss one important thing about cultural needs, and the root issues at the heart of humanity. Sometimes, in their passion to “love" everybody, accept everyone—including every (what they consider) “tolerable” relative belief system and worldview--they engage in a misguided rush to silence healthy debate and thoughtful somewhat conservative perspective on cultural issues and needs. Somehow, they believe that by diverting from, or avoiding the root heart issues that have caused the divisiveness and darkness in the first place, they will just magically "go away" by means of a “distorted” view of love and tolerance. Instead, they often marginalize, vilify, and demean those who choose to speak up in definitive and morally absolute terms, by passing stereotypical judgment and cynically assuming that those who are speaking truth in love are trying to "stir argument", highlight disagreements, or criticize and wrongly judge others. They become guilty of the same behavior and mentality, which they are so critical of, and of which much of their activism is directed against. Rainbows, Beatles shirts, holding hands in singing, posting "philosophical, artsy" quotes, and wearing love beads sound wonderful, but at some point, you MUST face and call out the darkness by shining genuine love and truth in word and deed. This is found not in arrogant, provocative, bloviating opinions, but in reflecting Christ in all--even definitive, perceived controversial points of view about an issue. Truth, justice, and righteousness require speaking the things that reflect those values, IN LOVE. I’m a creative person who enjoys a plethora of art and entertainment. Living where I live, I get the chance to see & hear many "artistic" type people who are Christians. It's somewhat bewildering to watch some of them try to be as "liberal" as they can in their views--some of which contradict scriptural truths, while still trying to maintain a modicum of Christian appearance. They unwittingly are bullied by the political correctness police, and shy away from discussing the political climate or social condition from a place of conviction and passion. They try to remain “weakly” neutral in order to stay in the “good graces” of the establishment “liberalism” in the arts and entertainment industry in which they want to be an accepted and valued part. They teeter along the lines of trying to remain culturally relevant, and touting the social justice mantras, while still talking enough "safe" christianese to be somewhat accepted by the christian community. They are reluctant to discuss absolute truth or a definitive view of right and wrong. My question to them is this…How about speaking truth in love, and having a coherent, definitive thought in favor of right, and against wrong? Placating wrong isn't showing genuine love, and acquiescing to evil isn't the way to show tolerance, diversity, or non-judgmentalism. As culture continues to digress, there is becoming more of a distinction between darkness and light. You will have to make a choice as to which you will commit to. Yes, we are in a spiritual war between good and evil, and yes, people are the pawns in the hands of the enemy. It’s people who carry out the sinister agenda of sin itself. And, make no mistake about it, we should reach passionately and graciously for the hearts and minds of the misguided, loving them with the love of Christ, but never being content to leave them languishing in sin’s slavery, simply to appease them, hoping to gain their approval or trust. That is NOT love. And here's a clue that many seem to have missed, darkness doesn't comprehend light, so it will not be impressed by your disingenuous attempts to "understand" it, dialogue with it, or tolerate it as you try to be accepted by it or relevant to it. Christ never had to compromise the truth of who He was in order to “entice” sinners. He never had to defer timidly to the thunderous clamor of sin and evil so as not to offend the sinner. He knew how to reach them sincerely, powerfully, and with an unmistakable integrity and passion relative to what was right and what was wrong. He called darkness what it was, and didn’t soften His words in order to be “relevant”. He was pure. He was uncompromising, and yet He was absolutely genuine in the Love He expressed. Sinners were drawn to Him by His unwavering Love and Grace, which was NEVER watered down in order to be “socially acceptable” or politically correct to a sinful society. Jesus is still the answer for every issue of culture. What we as His body cannot do is to continually misrepresent Him, or “soft sell” who He is and His truth that sets the sinner free, and revolutionizes their very existence and identity. Light will never be “palatable” to darkness, and we can’t continue to try and “appease” or acquiesce to sin in order to appear accepting of the sinner. We need to unashamedly and full of love, reach for the sinner, while exposing and calling out that bully of sin that seeks to destroy their lives and forever enslave them in darkness. SPEAK TRUTH IN LOVE! TRUTH IS JESUS! Walk in the Light, as HE is in the Light.

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