Thursday, June 29, 2017

“Can You Moonwalk On Water?”

Do you remember the time that Michael Jackson rocked the music world via television on the show “Motown 25” at the Apollo Theater, when he introduced the "moonwalk" to the world of dance? That was an epic moment, and "history altering" for the music entertainment industry! He didn't miss his invitation to "walk on water"...well, moonwalk I guess.
Last week I was thinking about the often-recounted story of Peter's feat of temporary "aqua domination"! I've often wondered why none of the other dudes in the boat were brave enough to solicit an invitation to stroll on the water to where Jesus was. Maybe Peter was a pioneer of extreme sports--a "thrill seeker". You can't get much more extreme than doing a "water dance" ON TOP OF ACTUAL WATER! I mean surely ESPN-Jerusalem would have provided plenty of coverage for THAT spectacle! X-Games, Water Edition perhaps?
Or could it be that Peter was so passionate about Jesus, that he didn't want to miss ANY encounter with Him, especially one as miraculous as walking on water. You notice in the story that Peter didn't just dive right in. He actually "tested the waters" and requested that Jesus INVITE him into (actually ONTO) the water. He said, okay IF that is you Jesus, and not some poltergeist-like sea creature hovering over the waves, then invite me to come to you. And so Jesus did!
Do you ever experience invitations from Jesus like that? Maybe not something as "David Copperfield-like" as walking on water, but powerful, potentially life or world changing invitations, nonetheless? Everyday, I get ideas. My imagination can quite easily hit the "high on crack" level. My sense of humor can be pretty unbridled at times. What can I say, I am a creative person who is still filled with childlike wonder on a constant quest for love, laughter, and unique expression. But you know, so many of my ideas have amounted to absolutely ZILCH!!!!! I mean, it can be incredibly frustrating to a creative dude that battles insecurities-a-plenty, for many of his ideas and efforts to fail to even get off the ground, much less become a tangible reality. (although, I should mention here that I'm growing and maturing beyond some of those insecurities, hopefully :-)
I had always heard as a kid on those UNCF commercials, "A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste", so I usually tried to keep mine geared up as much as possible ready for any creative moments of inspiration that might POSSIBLY be "earthshaking". THAT can be a two-edged sword though, that causes your emotions AND fragile self-confidence to be on a constant roller coaster ride.
In recent times, through maturity and learning to live loved, I've tried to listen and watch for the times when Love Himself inspires ideas and opportunities. There is a difference between my "cosmic and erratic hair brained ideas and schemes" and a genuine idea that leads to opportunity that opens the way for incredible happenings. Two main differences I've noticed are these...1. A "God-pportunity" is usually way beyond what I can manipulate or try to conjure up by my own efforts. 2. Unlike many of my emotionally conceived, "hair brained" ideas and fickle inspirations that come and go, and change like the wind, "God-portunities" usually stay with you, and grow in your soul, oftentimes consuming your thoughts, and passionately stirring your imagination with the fire of hope and a vision that brings a sense of reality and confidence.
These are the things that I am watching for these days--those "invitations" from Love Himself, to join Him in a walk on the water. Those opportunities are born only out of a growing relationship with Love Himself. These ideas and inspirations find us and overtake us--apart from our pursuing them--while our focus remains on the lasting, fulfilling relationship with Love Himself.
Ol' Peter's tale was one of euphoric triumph and embarrassing failure, all wrapped up in one scene. His water walk began dramatically and successfully enough, as long as his focus was still locked on the One who sent the invitation. The new opportunity before him WAS impossible. It WAS unprecedented for dudes like him. It was way bigger than what HE could ever achieve. But as long as he was embracing the opportunity while focusing on the One who gave the opportunity AND the ability and strength to realize the opportunity, it was incredible! It was when he began to notice that which he was familiar with, and shift his focus toward the direction of the things he was use to working around and manipulating for his benefit, that he began to take the "Nestea plunge".
It was actually his focus on the familiar things that caused him to experience failure. Peter was a commercial fisherman. He knew about wind, waves, storms, tides, currents, and such. It was part of his business to know about these things.
But when he was willing to walk in the unfamiliar, in the circumstance he had NO control or manipulative ability over, he experienced the miraculous, the opportunity of a lifetime! History doesn't tell us, but I wonder if, perhaps, he even did a little "moon walking" on the water that night? And so I continue watching, waiting, living loved, growing in my relationship with Love Himself, and expecting those moments, those invitations, those opportunities to step out beyond what I'm familiar with, what I can control, and yes, even passed those "hair brained", dime a dozen, schemed up, half-assed "mydeas" that usually amount to little or nothing, into the wild, beautiful, adventures reserved only for those who are walking on a journey with Love Himself. Journey on, fellow moon walkers and water dancers! Peace!

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